Third-party Serving

Below is a list of approved third-party ad technology providers. If you do not see a particular ad technology provider listed here or if you would like to know which CBS Interactive site accepts particular technologies, please contact us at for more information.



Approved third-party delivery services list

These specifications pertain to those services that have been preapproved by CBS Interactive.

Please ask your sales representative for an approved-services list or documentation on the approval process for third-party delivery services.

CBS Interactive will accept advertising only from third-party services that have been tested and approved to run on CBS Interactive.

Cache confuser

Any images hosted by a third-party company should be formatted for CBS Interactive to attach a time stamp to the third-party tags.

CBS Interactive will work with the third-party company to ensure that the time stamp functions correctly in the CBS Interactive publishing environment.


Any creative that delays load time or fails to appear on CBS Interactive sites will be pulled immediately.


CBS Interactive allows third-party rich media tags (IFRAME) for the rotation of standard Flash and requests standard third-party tags (HREF, IMG SRC) for the use of GIF/JPG only. Third-party tags should be able to function within friendly IFRAME ad calls.

Third-party tags must serve a default GIF/JPG for browsers that do not support rich media, JavaScript or IFRAMEs.

We do not currently support IFRAME busters or gatefiles.

“Fourth-party” serving is not supported.


All creative must function uniformly on both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems as well as the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari for Mac OS X. If the rich media creative will not display properly in a browser, a default GIF/JPG must be shown.


Please send standard third-party tags (HREF, IMG SRC) or rich media tags (IFRAME) via e-mail to

Any creative not conforming to the above specifications will not be placed online and will result in delayed start dates.


For third-party mobile technical specifications, contact us at