Ad Showcase

Here’s a handpicked gallery of ads from our diverse portfolio.

  • Takeovers

  • Cascade


    Gain momentum with a cascading creative reveal and let your story unfold in a succession of exciting stages

  • Home Page Switch Over


    Take full command of the page, bringing your ad to the forefront as the page contracts, anchoring your brand with site content.

  • Versus with Video


    Enhance your left and right skin creatives so that they duel with or play off each other, controlled by the user’s mouse movement.

  • Curtain


    Take your brand center stage and unveil your messaging in a creative and sweeping way.

  • Skin


    Canvas the page with this high-visibility format, wrapping your brand around our premium content.

  • Interactive Skin


    Give an added dimension to your skin by integrating interactive markers in the creative that reveal content hidden inside

  • IAB Standards

  • Billboard


    Capture attention with this prominently featured format, spanning the width of the page, and ideal for video.

  • Pushdown


    Create an unforgettable impression with millions of captive users across homepages to ensure you can’t be missed.

  • Filmstrip


    Leverage creative story-telling capabilities, taking users through a multi-stage experience or down the stages of the purchase funnel.

  • Portrait


    Showcase your brand in a huge, breakthrough format that is customizable and tailor-made for positive brand building.

  • Sidekick


    Feature your brand in an expand panel exposed in the right rail offering added space to tell your story.

  • Super Leader


    Pique interest with this fresh and unexpected format that elegantly integrates with site pages and content.

  • High Impact Display

  • Pop-Up Shop


    Capitalize on the pop-up shop phenomenon by bringing your entire shop directly to the consumer in an ad.

  • Portable Site


    Ignite discovery and go beyond the boundaries of your site by delivering your entire site in an ad, across new environments to capture untapped audiences.

  • Shop With A Friend


    Spur social shopping by rewarding friends who purchase together

  • Wishlist


    Showcase your best products and let shoppers add them to their sharable Wish List

  • Content Driven

  • Pictorial


    Secretly embed content inside your creative to tell deeper stories, and let users discover them unexpectedly

  • Visualizer 360


    Power your creative with dynamic content that visualizes the subject matter and resonates with your audience

  • In-stream Video

  • IAB Rising Star: Ad Control Bar


    Enhance your video with an elegant bar featuring interactive buttons that let users explore even more of your ad content

  • IAB Rising Star: Extender


    Showcase your long form video in existing 30 second ad spots and let users choose to continue watching the extended version

  • IAB Rising Star: Filmstrip


    Captivate users with a scrolling, multi-panel ad designed for a content-rich experience with countless possibilities

  • IAB Rising Star: Full Player


    Maximize the player from corner to corner with your video ad loaded with even more content and features

  • IAB Rising Star: Time Sync


    Invite user interaction at just the right moment by synchronizing features in your creative with the video ad content

  • In-Banner Video

  • In-banner Full Screen Eclipse


    Eclipse the full screen with your video creative and maximize user’s screen from corner to corner

  • Video Extender


    Give users a customizable video-viewing experience with this cutting-edge display ad that lets the user drag to resize the video display.

  • Please check back often for new ads!